Sunday, 10 June 2012

A new blog. A new beginning.

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 Finally, noob Dee goes blogging. After several attempts to make one, I finally signed up with blogger. I was encouraged by my good friend, Kim of Kimpossibly Gorgeous Blog (Oh hello Kim! You're a GENIUS for combining my nickname and shop's name for my blog. Thank you so much for everything! :* )

Hello everyone! I'm Dee, a noob in blogging, not really a writer but would love to share my thoughts through this blog. I am no beauty expert nor a makeup guru I just a simple girl who appreciates (and loves) beauty, fashion, food and many other things.

I have always looked up to bloggers because of their tips and honest reviews which makes it easier for me to choose what to buy, where to go and food to try so here I am trying to write and hoping that I could help others too.

PS. It is no secret that I own an online store. I may review some of the products that I offer but it doesn't mean that I am just writing the blog post just for sales talk purposes. If I will be writing a review about it, it would be my 101% honest thoughts. You may purchase it from my online store OR you may freely purchase it from other stores who offers them but my thoughts on the product(s) will remain the same. Feel free to read other reviews first before purchasing.

So let my blogging adventure begin..

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