Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Models Own Hyper-Brite Lipstick

My first product on spotlight will be the UK brand, Model's Own Hyper-Brite. I have been preventing myself in purchasing any lip product until I finish the ones that I already have. Until one day, I found myself purchased not 1 but 3 Hyper-Brite lipsticks. 

What Models Own say:
Keeping with the namesake, this is straight off the runway! Available in four fabulous Hyper-Brite shades and a vanilla-berry scent, these lipsticks will create the perfect colourful pout.”

Model's Own Hyper-Brite (L-R) Pink Hawaiian, Orangeade and Annalise's Pink
My thoughts:

My first impression when I first saw this was - it’s just another pricey imported lip product with cheap plastic packaging. Okay, I stand corrected. Among all the lipsticks that I own, this one has the sturdiest packaging of them all! 

Models Own Hyper-Brite lipsticks are known to be unique bright coloured lipsticks. I really mean bright lipsticks but they are very wearable, lightweight and pigmented. It is a bit sheer when you first apply it so you’ll need at least 2 to 4 swipes for the perfect bright lips. 

Some says that this product can be drying on the lips but in my experience, it’s not. Was it because I exfoliate and moisturize my lips regularly? Just in case, moisturize by applying lip balm underneath first before applying this product. Some also says that its matte and some says it’s not. For me, it is semi matte with a little gloss?! The product is long wearing. It lasted for 5 straight hours without re-applying even if I ate.

It has a vanilla-berry scent according to Models Own but for me it’s more on the berry scent. It smells yummy, sweet and candy-like which reminds me a lot of Candy Corner.


Will I re-purchase? Yes, definitely. I’m addicted to long wearing makeups because I’m not the type of person who loves to re-apply makeup once in a while.

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